Glossary of Project Management Terms – H

Activity, joining two specified points, that span two or more activities. Note: Its duration is initially unspecified and is only determined by the durations of the specific activities. Note: Hammocks are usually used to collect time-dependent information e.g: overheads.
(A group of activities, milestones, or other hammocks aggregated together for analysis or reporting purposes. Sometimes used to describe an activity such as management support that has no duration of its own derives one from the time difference between the two points to which it is connected.)

The formal process of transferring responsibility for an ownership of the products of a project to the operator or owner.

Hierarchical Coding Structure
A coding system that can be represented as a multi-level tree structure in which every code except those at the top of the tree has a parent code.

Hierarchy of Networks
Range of networks at different levels of detail, from summary down to working levels, showing the relationships between those networks.

A graphic display of planned and or actual resource usage over a period of time. It is in the form of a vertical bar chart, the height of each bar representing the quantity of resource usage in a given time until. Bars may be single, multiple or show stacked resources.

An otherwise valid working day that has been designated as exempt from work.

Host Organisation
Organisation that provides the administrative and logistical support for the project.

Hypercritical Activities
Activities on the critical path with negative float.