What is the objective of Management Dashboards?

The objective of the Management Dashboard technique is to provide key decision support information across a portfolio using highlights and exception-based reporting, such that it provides a rolled-up view of more detailed information.

It is generally provided as a top-tier report (exception-based) with links to programme and project information to enable the board to drill down to detailed information if required.

What is the key benefit of a Management Dashboard?

Its key benefit is to supplement larger volumes of detailed reporting allowing the decision-makers to determine progress more effectively and understand where attention and management intervention may be required.

What goes into a Management Dashboard?

The key input into the Management Dashboard is information and progress reporting from the programmes and projects within the portfolio.

It should be noted that the dashboard will only be valuable if there is confidence in the information and this is directly related to the quality of the programme and project information.

EG. Management Dashboard using RAG indicators