About PPM

How to improve your chances of project success

Effective project management has become established as an industry-preferred method of delivering change and to be successful, delivery needs to be controlled.

A project methodology cannot by itself guarantee success, however if properly applied and supported, it can be a major factor in managing risk and assisting projects to achieve their stated objectives and benefits.

A more coherent approach to prioritization and delivery of projects is an essential element of continuous business improvement.

What should a project have?

A project has defined costs and resources and tends to be time-limited (unlike day-to-day activities). They also have objectives (or strategic goals), involve change that delivers new or enhanced capability to the business but they are also inherently risky, tackling problems without precedents.

What do projects deliver?

Ultimately, projects deliver an output that enables the new capability for an organization to achieve benefits that contribute to their strategic objectives

Why do Project Management?

The introduction of a standard approach should, amongst other things;

provide a controlled start, middle and end for all projects

allow effective delegation of responsibilities and actions within agreed boundaries

prompt regular reviews of progress and ensure management control

One of the benefits of implementing a formal approach is the recognition that a large part of the work is prepared before the resources are allocated