Glossary of Project Management Terms – Q

Qualitative Risk Analysis
A generic term for subjective methods of assessing risks.

A trait or characteristic used to measure the degree of excellence of a product or service. Meeting customer’s needs.

Quality Assurance (QA)
The process of evaluating overall project performance on a regular basis to provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards.

Quality Assurance Plan
A plan that guarantees a quality approach and conformance to all customer requirements for all activities in a project.

Quality Audit
An official examination to determine whether practices conform to specified standards or a critical analysis of whether a deliverable meets quality criteria.

Quality Control (QC)
The process of monitoring and testing whether project deliverables, outputs and performance comply with standards identified and expected.

Quality Criteria
The characteristics of a product that determines whether it meets certain requirements.

Quality Guide
The quality guide describes quality and configuration management procedures and is aimed at people directly involved with quality reviews, configuration management and technical exception.

Quality Plan (for a project)
That part of the project plan that concerns quality management and quality assurance strategies (see also ISO 10006).

Quality Planning
Determining which quality standards are necessary and how to apply them.

Quality Review
A review of a product against an established set of quality criteria.